BYOP—Bring Your Own Pumpkin (IND)

If you showed up to #NP_IND this morning, you tried something new.  You had a memorable experience. You had fun and you’re gonna be like,” Remember that time with the pumpkins…”  Yeah, you’re welcome. If you did not #JustShowUp, we really did missed you and here’s your weekly dose of FIMO (f**k, I missed out).

Each tribe member was instructed to bring a pumpkin. No further information was given. Much scuttlebutt ensued regarding the purpose of said pumpkin. We did a little tuck and roll in the bounce and then the inaugural BYOP workout got underway; which consisted of carrying your pumpkin #UpAndOver with pumpkin-weighted bodyweight exercises stationed throughout. The spice: partner-pumpkin-pass sit-ups, overhead walking lunges, Russian twists and overhead squats. The tribe members were allowed to modify as needed, as always. Thank you for not busting your pumpkins on the War Memorial. #SafetyThird. Mad props to Stew, Tan(ner) Jason and Tim G for doing a double. Holy pumpkins!

Overheard today at #NP_IND:

Colleen: “Good news is that we don’t always use pumpkins.”

Newbie Paul: “Yes, but you always do stairs.”

2014-11-19 23.48.08-1

Yes and yes. Nice work to everyone today! Thanks for getting weird with us!

Next week:

  1. Race Day. You know you love it.
  2. Halloween. Best costume wins bragging rights. Let’s get even weirder!
  3. Tagging Grassroots Gear. Show up early, this means before the bounce and drop your gear at the tagging station. Gear will be fresh and ready at the end of the workout. Take it with you and rep #NP_IND.

Have a great day! See you next week!

Indiana War Memorial 5:28/6:15am North Stairs.

2014-11-19 23.19.42

5:28am group

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