Bye, Bye, Ben – Guest blog by Gil (SF)

written by: Gil Levy, co-leader of Michelle Obama Donut Mondays

#earlygang #recap

Bolt and Ali verbal’d and showed up. Adeoti and others just showed up. We bounced with Clayton. I did not have my contacts in and was convinced this couple walking towards us were Ben Dickens and Sarah Moret. Ben and Sarah’s first early gang?! Nope. It wasn’t them. Clayton told me to stop staring.

#tweeners #recap
We tween’d with some ab exercises. It began to sprinkle and we were happy. Then it began to sprinkle harder and we were happier. We tried to get Clayton to post a video. He recorded an awesome video and then deleted it.


#lategang #recap

Some came wet and left dry. Some came fit and left fitter. Everyone came happy and left happier.


Haiku for Ben:


when the wind picks up every now and then

i’m reminded of setting up our den

tumbling into the lake

the tent did not think to brake

we slept not in snow ’cause my hero ben


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