Busy Week in Boston

This week is going to be insane… from the PR Wednesday where we will race 37 sections in an effort to post our fastest time to date, to uphill/downhill adventure that we do every Friday in the hills of Brookline, topped off with epic #BetterThanBedtime2 event on Sunday. Let’s just say that if you’re away this week you may have huge FOMO (for all of you older than 18, this is what FOMO means)!

But lets start at the beginning… This morning we ran (or rode our bikes if we live further than 6 miles roundtrip away from the location – right?) to Fort Point Channel, so BG can lose his voice while barking out 40 seconds on/20 seconds off of exercises designed to get your core and legs stronger. The reason we do these workouts is to prevent injury by getting those muscles in a better shape so they can survive that can of whoopass that you open on them every Wednesday and Friday. If you think about it, the equation is pretty simple: volume (regular attendance at each workout) + strength (trying to move from your knee pushups to plank pushups, and adding one extra burpee at each 40″ interval) = motha’ fucking PR!

Speaking of PR’s, this Wednesday is our last of the month which means we will race our guts out to post the fastest time for the full tour of the stadium. Latch on to someone as fast/slightly faster than you and push yourself to the place where you haven’t been before. #RaceEverything!

At the end of the week we will celebrate all the hard work that we put in with our friends from Madison and San Francisco at the event called . If you’re planing on attending here in Boston please RSVP as space is limited to 400. IMPORTANT: Do not register if you’re not planing on coming. We will be crossing off your name at the door. If your name is not crossed off at the end of the night you will be publicly shamed for all internet to see. We take our workout verbals VERY seriously… Our drinking verbals you don’t want to fuck with. You’ve been warned.

See you on Wednesday!

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