Busy Week in Boston

There’s a lot going on this week, so rather than distract anyone with other words, let’s just focus on the shit going down.

TODAY: 6/18

Was dope.  #DestinationDeck at Fan Pier.  Fierce, fun, partners, sweating, and a couple of leaps into Boston Harbor for good measure.  If you’re not hitting up Mondays you. are. missing. out.


Yearbook Photos.  This is when we take photos of every single human being at NP, individually, and post the photos in an album on FB so you all can learn every single other human’s name at NP.  And you get to look awesome in a photograph.

5:30 & 6:30 AM

Harvard Stadium

Theme: Frogs

FRIDAY: 6/22

Week 4 of #IndianaJunes.  Indy continues all month.  Keep showing up.  Get your ass there and don’t miss all the hill-running fun happening on Summit Ave at 6:30am.


NP_BOS is hosting an event that you don’t want to miss.  It’s a classic “meet up here, but have no idea where you’re going” kind of event.  So lace up your running shoes, bring your friends.  Also bring:

  • your ID
  • some $
  • a Charlie Card or T fare of some kind (or a friend with a Charlie Card)
  • a really good attitude
  • all your exploring (because we will #neverstopexploring)
  • phone for transportation, calling your boss and telling them you won’t be in on Monday, and dope ass photos

Meetup will be at 5pm

We will definitely give you a starting point that is in downtown Boston.  We will definitely leave that starting point by foot*.  We will definitely transport by public transportation at some point.  We will definitely fitness.  We will absolutely socialize with food and drink.  You will definitely need to transport yourself home at the end of the evening (think Lyft/Uber from phone or get Mom to come pick you up).

Too many unknowns?  Channel your inner ‘wild-card’ and throw some caution to the wind. Go with friends who will help figure shit out.

Not enough unknowns?  Forget you read anything but “5pm on Saturday,” fill your pockets with whatever you think you might need, and plan to meet us.

We’re really hyped for this event, so make sure you’re there!

*It is preferred that you run with us. We will be going SLOW so that everyone can keep up, so don’t be afraid that we’ll leave you behind. We will not. Think “No Child Left Behind“–only without the standardized testing. HOWEVER, If you are injured, and can’t jog/run with us, you can hop on your bike and ride in front/behind us. DOUBLE HOWEVER: There is limited space for biker folks on the move and at our destination, so please use this as a last resort for injured folks–don’t bike just ’cause you want to bike.

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