Burpees on Hills on Burpees (PHL)

This morning’s vibe was strong.  Visitors from the Boston, DC, and SF Tribes joined us to climb Lemon Hill for a fast-paced 40 minute sweat.  We caught a pretty epic sunrise over the city and beat most of the day’s humidity. BOOM.  The workout was simple but effective.  Hills and burpees.  The burpees station was positioned for a perfect view of the rising sun reflecting off our city.

Importantly, we had a few newbies show up.  Its always great to experience someone’s first November Project.  The nerves, the excitement, the “who the f*ck is this idiot asking me to bounce?” look…it’s all gravy.  These people decided to put their feet on the ground this morning and give this thing a shot.  And that is pretty powerful.  So THANK YOU for spending your Friday morning with us and we hope you come back!

Today’s #PositivityAward went to Christine — a woman who is warm, fierce and absolutely fantastic.  Congratulations — well deserved!

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