So many stairs! So many burpees! So many DONUTS!!! We typically don’t need an excuse to have a good time, and we definitely don’t need an excuse to partake in delicious baked goods. But, for posterity, let’s just say Christopher Columbus fucking loved donuts. So, to pay homage, we burpee’d the shit out of a deck of cards, chased each other up the middle and Rock-Paper-Scissor’d till we were so hungry the 1 mile run to #DonutBar seemed like a necessity instead of a obstacle. Now, hopped up on sugar, I leave you to enjoy your day off (or go to work, like some of us…cough cough) and get AMPED for Wednesday!
For those of you throwing around the idea of North Face Endurance SF – stop playing with your food and scarf it down like we did our donuts – times a running out and those discount codes are as popular as the maple bacon bar was this morning, they won’t last long!

Be Happy! Be Strong! Be BRIGHT SD

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