#BurpeeDuel (IND)

Great minds think alike. This week the #NP_IND and #NP_BOS leadership (aka: DEE) were sharing brain waves; #BurpeeBattle in BOS on Monday = #BurpeeDuel in IND on Wednesday. No, we did not plan that. Like I said; brain waves. Today the tribe dueled for the fasted burpee (first to clap at the top of the jump won the round). The winner then drew a card from a deck and did the indicated exercises; either jumping lunges or tricep-dips, while the other tribe member ran a lap of stairs. Tribe members then dueled again and again with a new partner each round. Which made for big smiles, blurry pictures and “Burpee?” We topped it off with a group exercise, simply known as Thunderstuck. If you’ve heard of Sally, then think push-ups and planking for 5 minutes and you get the idea. #FlexEverything. Nice job today tribe! Props to all the newbies and a big thank you to those who recruited them. See you next week!  Make sure to bring your newbies back and if you have not recruited for #NP_IND, because you selfishly want #IND_NP all to your self, well tough tookus, get to it. The more people at the party, the better the party. The more butts in the race, the better the race. The more…you get the idea. #RecruitEveryone!

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