Burpee Tag (PHL)

This morning we started out with a poll of sorts, raise your hand if any of the following apply…

  1. Your first name starts with the letter D = about 5-6 people
  2. Your favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate = maybe 7-8 of y’all
  3. You are a doctor, a nurse or work in the medical profession in some manner = lots of “woooos” from about 10 folks
  4. You are under the age of 25 = approx 17 ladies and gents

Under the age of 25 FTW. Quick heads up that leadership was simply looking for the first team of “its” for our game of burpee tag, but we did appreciate how some of you were concerned with whether or not being the ripe age of 25 counted (it did not – under = under, welcome to growing up)! While we do not (usually) discriminate based on age (or anything else for that matter) we did segregate this under 25 crew while we got the rest of the tribe running. These cats were then charged with chasing the tribe up the hills and tagging a friend or a stranger who would soon be a friend.  Once tagged, both parties performed five burpees together and the other party then carried the “it” power.

We ran, we sweat, we burpeed – we had fun! Joe took home the PA today – running his first race in a while and he attributed some of his success to the training he gets in at our early morning workouts. This guys doesn’t quit, he’s fast and he gets the work done with a smile on his face every week! Well deserved!

The tribe dressed the part for Sara’s bday, we whisper sang a belated bday to Katy and sent a good luck video to our pal Harrison who is competing in the Dad Vail Regatta this weekend.

If you were there, you probably had an incredible morning. If you weren’t, we’re sorry you missed it.

See y’all at Poplar and Poplar tomorrow for the Lemon Hill Park clean up at 10:00 a.m.


Have an amazing weekend. Be well, spread love and shine on!


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