Burpee, Plank, Sprint, Repeat (BOS)

Boys and girls, in case you didn’t noticed, the summer has come to Boston. That means that the temperatures will get from sweaty to oppressive and humidity will get from sticky to flypaper. Our Wednesday location will always going to be at the Harvard Stadium in lower Allston. Our Friday location will continue to be at Summit ave in Brookline. Neither of those spots have designated ways to keep you cool on a warm summer days so you’ll have to bring your own hydration. But on Mondays BG and I will try to pick locations close to the water so that after the workout if you decide to cool yourself down in other ways than just refreshing beverage from your water-bottle, you’ll be able to do so.


This morning our workout was fairly short – only 13 minutes – but during that time we were able to sprint down the brick road, come back up the cobble stones, bang out bunch of burpees and “rest” while planking. Mixed in with the run to and back from Fan Pier Park, we started off our Monday better than 99% of Bostonians.

On Wednesday we may or may not have an entertainment provided by a lady that plays jams really loud. You’ll just have to come and see it for yourself.

Happy Monday ya’ll!

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