Bunny Hop

So what exactly happens when a turkey turns into a bunny and a trot turns into a hop?
Well, we all get dressed in our best # grassroots gear, scream “Fuck Yeah” and break into fierce racer mode.
In spirit of Easter and bunnies we all did a throw back Wednesday and took our turkey trot 5k and turned it into the bunny hop, which by the way was soo much cuter.  However, this is not a cute course with the terribly steep and long set of stone steps 2 miles in! But what a race it was!

We started this race in reverse waves so that everyone had a fair chance to win!  While the first, second and third waves started in 2 minute lapses, the racers awaiting their start had to hold a plank!   Sometimes I think I am sick in the head.  But this made for awesome competition and a finish to remember!  Great job to every racer out there, not one persons’ effort goes unnoticed!

Oh and since we didn’t actually hop during our race we added on a mini bunny hopping race around the fountain to close things down.  Which was my favorite part of the morning!  Andy we do not know how you got so good at hopping or looking so darn bunny cute, but congrats on a major victory today!

And as the sappy but oh so good natured Angelo reminded us; no matter was life brings to you or if you do not succeed at first, pick yourself back up and try again and again and again.  By now I hope you know that yall have a tribe behind you, supporting you!  And well the pay off of hard work is pretty astounding!

Don’t let these things hope out of your mind:
1) Next Monday Hill st.
2) April 8th 12:20pm Flash mob.

3) Welcome back Jeff G!

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