Today, a wall went up.


Sometimes, a huge barrier to your spectacular workout plans erects itself in the middle of your park. You wake up, get yourself in the car with a large pitcher of coffee ( I drink coffee in pitchers only!), make your way down to Rash Field only to find out that the wall that was SUPPOSED to be along the border of Mexico is actually in the middle of your workout location. So what do you do? Your co-leaders are off gallivanting through Ecuador, riding mules and getting matching butterfly tattoos. You sit down and cry, that’s what you do.

Thanks a lot guys

I only cried for a little while. It was just a few tears.

Then I remembered that the workout we painstakingly put together for today was pretty much %100 burpees and stairs (our favorite kind of workout) and luckily there was plenty of space for said activities. Extra points to us for having anticipated this wall ( please note, we did not anticipate this wall at all).

After all is said and done, I would like to  thank everyone for putting up with the wall. Sometimes shit happens but luckily every Wednesday and Friday morning I get to workout with 100+ people that could really care less about the circumstances. Rain, snow, sleet, walls, cannon fire, alien invasions, Canada purchasing the United States.

KRAZEE 8s is a pretty hard workout. 8 minutes of stairs, 4 minutes of ascending burpees, squats and lunges, done in sequence 3 times. Couple that with the wall element and I will venture to say this morning wasn’t the easiest. Thanks for hanging in there.

Next time someone builds a wall, I suggest shrugging, waking up anyway and carrying on like there is  simply nothing in  the world that could screw up your day.


As always, Take Big Bites Out of Life.



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