Buffman…OH YEAH!!! (IND)

It was a crisp 15°F morning in Naptown (-4°F with wind chill), which means it was a perfect morning to break out our #np2016 buffs!  Not only did they keep our faces warm, but they kept our bodies warm as we decided to copy the workouts done by the stick figures on this year’s buff…at least those that won’t get us arrested for indecent exposure.  Stations were set up around the War Memorial with a healthy amount of running and stairs in between to really get the juices flowing.  Eight stations, nine exercises, ten reps each;  the circuit went as follows (please turn to page one in your buff to follow along):

  1. Hoistees
  2. Wall-sit with partner using knees for tri-ceps dips
  3. Squats
  4. High 5 Burpees
  5. Romantic speed skaters
  6. Sit-ups
  7. Puke bubbles -nobody actually puked (this time), so instead we just had a bubble blowing station
  8. Bojan’s

The 9th exercise as depicted on the buff was the stairs in between stations.  The only one we missed was the “69 Plank”…for obvious reasons.  The wind was blowin’, the snow was snowin’, the blood was flowin’, and the buffs were showin’.


Breakfast club decided we need to figure out a cold weather patch of our own and, in true American fashion, refuse to acknowledge Celsius as reputable measurement.  Maybe the -15°F?

The Shaw Urban Vocabulary Word of the Day is “Bubblegoose”.  Those at breakfast would have heard it rapped in a sentence, others will just need to look it up – see Biggie Smalls and/or Wyclef Jean for reference.

I’m fairly certain the groundhog saw his shadow, or didn’t see his shadow, or froze to death and didn’t even come out of the hole.  Whichever one means spring is close…that’s what happened.  So we will just take his word for it and assume spring will start next week and it will be warm enough we can all #justshowup in full Joey Mac kit wearing shorts and tanks.



Have a great week!!!  See you next Wednesday!

Feel the rhythm,


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