Buff Monday (YEG)

Today’s considered Blue Monday…initially I was going to write my post about how if you are starting your day with a community of positive people, getting hugs and high fives before 630 am, and know without a doubt that when you choose to #justshowup there will be others there to sweat with you…but then I realized that we’ve already written about Blue Monday and this morning there wasn’t any blue for the tribe this chilly Monday morning…it was all GOLDEN!!.

Building off the golden ticket theme we started on Friday minus the Oompa Loompas but still coordinating our looks your leaders ran the “red carpet” bridge deck sporting the newly released, limited edition, Sean Williams designed November Project buff! Word must have gotten out about this secret fashion show because the flashes were blinding as we sprinted through the frosty air.

I’d planned today’s workout to push you. If you weren’t panting after those bridge deck intervals or absolutely requiring the 10 second rest between the final tabata of tuck jumps and burpees then you make sure you kick yourself in the ass and work a little harder next time. I say that because I could hardly catch my breath to call out those last final sets and I want to ensure that you all “suffer” along with me!

If you didn’t make it out this morning, you did not get a buff. You’re may be experiencing some angst, we have received some worried text messages about missing out on the buffs. This morning was another reminder of how you just never know what we will pull out of our hats (or my car trunk in this case). Selling little plastic pouches from the back of a car in a dark corner of a park with very happy customers leaving may have looked a bit suspect to any outsider (like the cross-country skier I saw this morning with my first thought being, “he’s crazy, cross country skiing at 6AM?!” and then I looked up and saw 60 of you waiting at the end of the bridge and thought…”oh yeah…”… but I digress… For those of you who weren’t at the bridge today, don’t dismay, there are still buffs available.

Here are the details:

  • $5 a buff (exact change only)
  • One buff per person
  • You must be there to buy your buff
  • Once they are sold out, you’re out of luck
  • #justshowup to get your buff! 

#JUSTSHOWUP – bounce commences at 6AM

Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs

Friday – Walterdale Hill

There will be an upcoming social to look forward to in February…details will be release sporadically as usual

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