We rise. We fall. WE RISE. 6.14.17

Here’s a little story about expectations not being met – and then, the bounce back.

One layer is in relation to the weather conditions here in Brooklyn this morning. As most humans do nowadays, one checks to see what the weather is looking like for the day. Today, the forecast projected a 1% chance of rain from 5 to 6 AM transitioning to 0-5% chance thereafter. The plan was to roll out of my apartment at 5:25AM to meet Jeanie for our usual pre-workout, life chat, with a mini dance party on the side – on the steps in Fort Greene Park by 5:45 AM.

It wasn’t raining when I locked my apartment door and as soon as I walked outside after gracefully descending three floors, it began pouring. Cats and dogs. What do you do in the moments that completely catch you off guard? Freak out? Pause, reassess, then move forward? Deny it all? You have options, and that choice will have repercussions.

The heavens decided to close around 6:15 AM and people began to gather around the monument. We had less numbers than originally expected: half due to choosing our older sibling tribe November Project NYC (their excellent guest blog via Maggie Huang from today), we now know who everybody (Read: BG) & their mother (Read: his ACTUAL mother and his ACTUAL wonderful wife) preferred today, and the other half were due to potential newbies who chose to stay in bed due to the sudden weather change much to our dismay. And, we still showed up. We still held the space for people to grow and build community – no matter what. That is what we mean by #weatherproof – we give our word that we will rise and show up.

Wet t-shirts are the best t-shirts.

This leads to my next point: accountability. This past weekend was what we all have come to know as #NPSUMMIT (if you’re confused, here’s some more light reading/listening The Sounds of #NPSUMMIT Weekend to satisfy your short term needs, and for long term: https://soundcloud.com/aetgy/5ummit a 40 min cut from the DJ/Co-Leader of November Project Virginia Beach – Barry Clark) where we returned to The Mothership that is Boston to connect our ever-growing, world wide community in one city. It was glorious. Ephemeral. And reminded us, ever so grandly,  that we still have work to do. This work that we are lucky to do, starts with the leadership that is within ALL of us to show up for our communities from a place of inclusivity and productivity. And FUN – there’s always more space for that. And the weird (never forget the weird).

To bring it all together: what happens when the in-between of the unexpected and the accountability does not exist? For example, today – I should hit up my local meteorologist with:

Dear Weatherperson,

I used your local forecast information today to plan for my day. It was unreliable. It said blah blah% rain when in fact it was blah blah% rain. Does this happen often? If so, are there efforts in the works to resolve this so it can be reliable and consistent for users in the area? Let me know how I can help support!



If steps like this don’t happen such as – “Hey, we didn’t have PR day this month – what happened?” or “You said you were going to be at the workout and you didn’t show up. Please expect your ‘We Missed You’ in the near future,” (cough you-know-who-you-are cough) how do we ACTUALLY know where we stand or where we’re going?

Life is full of expectations, disappointments, and endless surprises. Fact. What are you doing to set yourself up to bounce back?

You better believe here in Brooklyn we are setting things in motion. Curious? Here’s the line-up:

  • #RECRUITEVERYONE : a 4 week challenge has begun to grow our tribe by inviting people to show up every week to the workout – post a #selfie with your personal recruits and include ‘CHALLENGE WEEK *ONE’ in the caption. The person who comes out on top may have a hearty reward. *the number will change every week, easy as 1-2-3*
  • #PRDAY : our second PR DAY will take place next Wednesday, 6.21.17 on the back loops, to hold ourselves to the standard of seeing our progress on our home route.
  • #GRASSROOTSGEAR : we will be tagging next week as well (SOUND THE ALARM) which will be ONE (READ: UNO/UN/SOLO) WHITE T (or tank/LS/hoodie/lab coat/item) per person to support our PRIDE in spreading love to this diverse community of ours that we hold dearly. It is the notorious rainbow tag and shows up best on the blank background of a simple Hanes best. Let Jeanie or I know if you’re down to be on #paintsquad – more than one color requires more than one pair of hands for sure.

We rise (Read: commit).

We fall (Read: learn).

We RISE (Read: apply what we learned to our next commitment).

Boom – hope you had a great day, all ye tribe members and internet trolls.