Bringing the Heat (LAX)

It’s starting to get hot out there! Took long enough, amiright?? Here’s some tips to keep cool as your mornings with the tribe start to heat up:

  1. Water, water, water. Drink water the night before, just before bed. Drink some in the morning when you get up. Bring a re-usable bottle with you for during. If you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.
  2. Clothing: Avoid black and heavy materials such as cotton. #Grassrootsgear is great because it works pretty similarly to eye black, and going #TOFTB is always an option, gents. Just don’t get arrested.
  3. Sweaty hugs and hi fives have been proven to lower body temperature to manageable levels.


Okay, so that last one wasn’t really true… but after today it may as well have been! Not only is the LA weather bringing the heat, NP LAX is heating up, too. I was blown away by the sheer effort and willingness to work hard this morning. Not one person was less than totally drenched with sweat. If you can’t take the heat… go hit those stairs!





FRIDAY – Meet at the lamp posts at the LACMA. Location Here!

Keep tweeting and instagramming for the Mayor to #JustShowUp! @ericgarcetti and @LAMayorsOffice


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