Bring Your Vee-Hackle to Workout Day

Good Morning LA!
Good Morning LA!

Boy have we been weather proof! Some of us woke up this morning with chapped lips and the slight smell of BO radiating from our armpits from this weeks heat. But that didn’t stop us from waking up this morning embracing our scent and hugging our friendly tribe members. When we said that today we would be going buckwild we truly meant it.

Lauren Cortizo going buckwild.
Lauren Cortizo going buckwild.


Today’s workout was inspired from a little SF workout way back when. Here in LA we like to call it “The Compass”. We split off into groups of three doing four different exercises as a group. Once one exercise is complete the group splits up into different directions taking one of four paths to then return back to do the next exercise. While you wait for your partner you bust out the best moves you have to some smooth beats. We’re talking, the Charleston, foxtrot, shuffle of the buffalo, two step, time step, triple timestep and twerking. Once all four exercises are complete and three paths taken, your group runs all the way along the edge to the tippy top of the Hollywood Bowl. Exercises include squat jumps, Supermans, push-up high fives, and sit-ups. To say the least friends were made and people did look ridiculous…ridiculously cool!

Katie...Smiles in her sleep.
Katie…Smiles in her sleep.

After cooling down with a little dance circle we decided to admire the little car show that had been set up for us. Our friend Daniel drives a pink, unicorn, sex wagon who happens to make paintings with his car. Daniel has proved that even pink can be a manly color. So don’t be shy. By far the best looking car on the 101. Our friend Andy rides the stud-ercycle, making even A-sexual’s hearts skip a beat. It has been said that Andy and his girl, Katie, Katie and her man, Andy, perform a trapeze act duo on top of their motorcycle with flips, turns and hands in all sorts of weird places. See it for yourself next Wednesday.

All and all the tribe is goofy. And we love it.

We can’t wait to see you all next Wednesday @ 6:30am .

Bring a friend. Bring your gear to get tagged and wear your #grassrootsgear.

Come and get it. Every Wednesday, 6:30am at the Hollywood Bowl
Come and get it. Every Wednesday, 6:30am at the Hollywood Bowl
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