Bright & Loud in YEG

What a way to start the long weekend in Edmonton…BRIGHT & LOUD! Even our canines get into the spirit!

DSC_3841  DSC_3829

Channelling our inner San Diego (because we love them more than they even know), the tribe oozed neon as they pumped up the hill and streaked along the trails. It was a morning of newbies, happiness, smiles, photo ops, hugs, cartwheels and hard fucking work! 

This tribe is amazing…this tribe is strong…this tribe is welcoming…this tribe is community…this tribe is family!

DSC_3834 DSC_3840


Weekend earned!


Monday is going to be the baddest, most intense workout we have ever done. I am not even sure if we can pull this off, but I believe in the tribe.

We will meet here at 5:56am. You will need to run to get there, so plan your route in advance.

Here are some different routes if you have never been there.

Route 1 – 0.5km 

Route 2 – 0.9m

Route 3 – 1.9km

Route 4 – 2.6km


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