Bridge tour continues….back in time..


Wow. Calgary showed up, we had new faces, usual faces, amazing faces this morning. We took on Calgary’s newest pedestrian bridge as our second bridge tour “St. Patricks bridge”. This bridge, well lets say it may be a tad longer than the other pedestrian bridges, and everyone was surprised when doing sprints to one side and back. We joined forces, grabbed a partner to cheer us on and race, then with their partner, dropped and did burpees, push ups, and some other crazy things that the leaders come up with.

This was an amazing morning, the sun rise was unreal, the temperature was phenomenal and the hugs were extra good. Tammarathon (me) made it a point to chase down runners on the pathway, and give them a hug and tell them our story. Try chasing down a cyclist on his way to work, yeah they are focused on the task at hand, but tried anyways.

Now, world, November Project everywhere, take note, YYC has some incredible humans, and we post about them weekly. I’d like you to meet Diana, she is fierce. She is strong. She is another major part of our community. There are so many things I love about NP, but one thing that’s truly amazing, is everyone’s story. You get to know the people that show up, and Diana, is an amazing human. She works with teens by day, and steps it up every Monday and Wednesday morning. She is also going to take us through some yoga (yep, she is putting on an NP yoga session). She is an Ashely from time to time, but most importantly, she is November Project Calgary.

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