Bridge Month Day 2 (YEG)

We had our second workout of bridge month this morning and it was a tough one, we ran as fast as we could across one of the longer bridges in the city, tagged a friend out for a much easier activity of stairs (yeah right), then finished it off with minute intervals of strength drills. Today’s workout was as hard as you wanted to make it and for being on one of the busiest, highest speed limit bridges in the city at 6am on a Monday, you made it as hard as you possibly could, I know I did, I passed out hard when I got home.


For the 4 or 5 newbies today and the few of you that don’t know me well enough yet, I’m a shift worker and some workouts I barely make it there after night shift. This morning was one of those workouts and I always get the questions of “how do you have the energy to be here” or “why aren’t you asleep after a night shift?” I usually have some dumb little comment like I’ll sleep when I die or I didn’t have to work too hard. But I’m still awake for the same reason you woke up at 5am to workout outside in the middle of winter, I #justshowup. My energy comes from all of the positive energy that the tribe brings with them, the hugs, high fives, fuck yeahs. The look on some face’s when I say I just finished work is the same face that you have all seen when telling people about November Project and working outside at 6am in -20C or raining in the summer, the only difference is you just woke up and I’m going to go to bed after this. You all know how I have the energy to be at the workout, its the people.


Wednesday – bottom of the Glenora stairs.

Friday – we are NOT at Walterdale Hill. Meet on the pedestrian bridge that goes over 118 ave from Rexall Place to the Expo Centre.

Be the reason why we all #justhowup and just fucking show up.


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