BREAKING NEWS:Wet n’ Wild…LA WeatherProof! (LAX)

BREAKING NEWS!!! There were major flashfloods this morning and the tribe still turned up. We’re hoping this will be a great turn for this draught and all we can say is that LA is by far the most #weatherproof tribe. Edmonton you can suck it! -30 degrees my butthole, we were working out in a, wait for it… balmy 66 degrees!  LA you proved that you were #weatherproof today so bring all your friends and lets blow the cap off the bowl.


Besides the sudden rain cloud that surronded the Hollywood Bowl we also had PR day today. You all have been crushing it! Congrats on those PR’s. Lastly to all those that did PR they had the opportunity to participate in our first Virgin Sacrifice Ceremony. Lily we love you too much and wanted to celebrate your birthday in true ancient tribal style.




FRIDAYSWest Side- We’re coming for you!  October 3rd, 6:15am at the Santa Monica Pier!

RUNFEST- We’re going to rep the shit out of NP at this race. The choice is yours to dress on 80’s gear for the untimed retro run or race in the 10k. Use the Code : NPROJECT  to recieve 20% off Entry!

RECRUIT- We’re in what I like to call a competition with the other tribes to reach our selected goal by the end of the year. Really we just want to share and get more people in our cities to wake up and be active spreading positvity amongst the masses. Bring a Friend! Tell Everyone that you know!

LOVE- I love everyone of you. You seriously make my week! 



Oprah Whaleface


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