#PositivityAward in hand, “Brando” grabs #WeMissedYou2

We call him Brando, his employer calls him Educator McSmiles, and his girlfriend, lover, guiding light and NP member (Morgan Lisa) calls him by his birth name, Don-Adam. Before we get too reved up, Don-Adam, we need to be clear about a few things…

1. Don-Adam is no longer going to keep his cool, hip, workout name “Brando” inside the NP tribe. It was never even a real name that sounded like or rhymed with his real combo first name set. Like a child who’s mother needs to drive home just how much trouble he’s gotten into, we’re going to use his full, legal birth name to highlight his NO SHOW last Friday. We hope the tribe follows our lead. Don-Adam Wardel, you’re in huge trouble.

2. On Friday, a mere 47 hours after taking home the November Project™ most sought after award, our #PositivityAward oar handle trophy, Don-Adam flaked like hard scalp skin on the Friday hill session on #MtJoinHands. Cuddled up and warm in his bed with his arms around the #PositivityAward, we were unable to give anyone in the tribe the POSITIVITY title that morning. We were all a little less positive.

3. Shame on us! We all grew up in Serbia and Wisconsin knowing the hard facts of life and the foundation of trust. Somewhere in those first, very basic basic lessons we were all told, “Never trust a man with two or more first names who likes creating workout names.” We should have seen this coming.

4. Later that same day Don-Adam was found tightly tucked and bow-tied up out for a walk on Newbury Street with his Nikon DSLR camera. He seemed to be feeling fine and healthy enough. Don-Adam had no comment on what had happened earlier that morning and said he needed to speak to his attorney (Morgan Lisa) before commenting further.

You know that this list can go on and on with many pin pointed reasons that we are hurt but the bottom line is this, Don-Adam, when you didn’t show up to the hill session last week after giving us your word AND after winning the tribe’s greatest award… (we bet you know where this is going)…

We Missed You.

#HeartBreak #PositivelySleeping #BrandoIsDonAdam #WeMissedYou2

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