Branding Our Style, Part 1 (VIC)

We’re still relatively new to the November Project universe, so we don’t have all of the standard features spun up. City-specific #grassrootsgear tag? Nope. Personalizations to the #positivityaward from each person who’s received it? Negative. Regular blog posts? Sorry.

But we know who we are, how we roll, and what we value – hella.

So when we had a little uncertainty arise over onboarding one of those pieces of the NP culture, we knew how to address it. And the story, I think, bears repeating…

Last week

Crystal: Heya R., I remember a few weeks back Shannon mentioned about potentially tagging the positivity stick. I noticed it hasn’t been started yet but If that is still okay, I wouldn’t mind adding something to it….

Me: Get after it, sister. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Crystal: Sweet! I promise it’ll just extend the awesomeness!

Me: I have no doubt.

Then yesterday, the night before workout

Crystal:  So I have a wood burner, and was planning on burning in Fuck Yeah into the corner of the #positivityaward. But to be quite honest, I think I may need some more practice to make it not look trashed. So I may leave the tagging to someone else…
Me: No! Do it! Embrace the imperfection, sister. The fuckyeah attitude is about trying, with style*, rather than completing, perfectly. Please have a go.
Crystal: Okay but I can’t promise how good it’s gonna look. At least if it’s pure shit, anyone that tags the #positivityaward afterwards can only go up from there..
Me: Kickass. And, just to reiterate, no one’s asking you/it to look good, sister, just to show up / burn the hell out of that thing.
Crystal arrived to workout with the #positivityaward tagged as you see in the photo. Clearly she delivered it full of kickass, emblazoned with style, and just as perfect as each and every one of the tribemates to whom she gifted this killer addition to our culture.
Thank you for adding to our perfection, Crystal.
(*There’s a little backstory to the question of style, and where it fits into our culture. I’ll get to that tomorrow.)
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