BRACE YOURSELVES. The Marathon is Coming…

Guys, it’s here. Marathon weekend. If you’re here, you’re feeling it right now, if you’re not I really really hope you get in asap, cause Boston is electric right now. We had anywhere from 300-45,857 people at the workout this morning. San Diego has been here for awhile, pretty sure Calgary lives here now, SF (Sorry, I mean “SanFran”) showed up this morning. Talked to some folks from DC that got in last night at midnight and still showed up even though their non-NP friends thought they were bat-shit-crazy (Spoiler alert: They are. And so are we.). LA, Wisconsin, and Pheonix are in the air as you’re reading this.  The thing that you don’t understand about November Project if you don’t show up is that we’re a family and a community. This weekend is like our reunion. NP mini summit? Fuck that. Full blown summit.

It’s living up to the hype so hard that the good people at WMBR wanted to put us two idiots on the radio this morning. Miraculously no F-bombs were dropped (though they were discussed). Check it out here: (Late Risers Club @ 10am, April 15 — we come in around 1:16 into the show)

Events you don’t want to miss in the next few days:

– Saturday, April 16th — 6PM. November Project: The Book hype/Run/Marathon Party/Dooster film/Pro athletes that think what we’re doing is awesome (the feeling is mutual). No one really knows what this event is gonna be (myself included), but grab your ticket or just show up and come for a run with a bunch of funny idiots.
– Monday, April 18th — 6:29AM. Cleveland Circle. If you’re still reading this, we’ll take that as a #verbal.
– Monday, April 18th — 10am. Mile 18 of the Boston Marathon. November Project will take over the water/hype section and keep people strong through Heartbreak Hill. #letsGetWeird

I don’t think we took any photos this morning except the one at the top. Why?! See the first 3 sentences of this blog post. The city is Capozziing real hard.

Get out there and enjoy the weekend. Have fun, meet new people, safety third. #WeekendEarned


Much Love,
– C. Payne




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