Boy Band Ballads (YEG)

You know you’ve had an interesting morning playlist when the last people to leave the workout hung around to chat, not about the great workout they’ve just experienced but the boy band ballads they were treated to while doing the great workout! This morning our activity and our tunes didn’t quite jive and yet in that conflict, it all seemed to work out perfectly! Strange how that happens.

With Nadim’s 90’s Boy Band Playlist “booming” the tribe flipped cards, did  some pushsups, burpees, hoisty-js & squat jumps, and sprinted around a planter…cornering said planter with precision to avoid the imminent road rash that would result from skidding out on the loose gravel. Oh yeah…some of you also chased an innocent bunny around campus.

With the days getting warmer and soon, our mornings getting lighter, it is time to remind people what they are missing by sleeping in and skipping out on this great fun we have! There may or may not be treats on Wednesday for those of you who are able to bring a newbie or bring an oldie who has forgotten that we meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 6AM.

Royal Glenora Stairs is where this fun will be Wednesday. Drop your verbals here. Bounce starts at 6AM sharp!

Until next time, SMILE! J


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