Box Jumpin’ & Hill Humpin’ (MSP)

The day is good. The rest will be good. It started off fucking great!!

We laid our ordinary shirts down, and picked them back up as #GrassrootsGear, featuring MSP’s signature cherry in the spoon. Shorts and tanks were out, hyped on the fifty degree morning. IMG_0438

After a quick warmup, we made our way down to the East River Rd hill. 23 minutes on the clock. Up and down the hill as many times as possible. In the middle of each hill loop, tribesmen stopped for a quick circuit of box-jumps, pushups, dips, and Flying Dutchmen. Then to another attack on the hill, hard. Legs were wobbling and legit sweat was pouring. We then finished with a game of “Sharks & Minnows” on Coffman’s front lawn.

Smiles, sweat, hugs, hill-humping, spray paint, Mississippi River. We cover a lot of bases. Come realize the hype next Wednesday morning. All you gotta do is SHOW UP.

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