Bowling for Fitness

Some Monday Destination Decks are really hard.  Some are really weird.  And on a magical Monday, we find ourselves with a tasty blend of fierce fitness and wild weirdness, all for that golden price of FREE.

That magically delicious workout today involved a circuit of box jumps, tricep dips, sit ups, bear crawls, jumping lunges, leg lowers, running and bowling balls.  Yes, I said bowling balls.IMG_9788

Why bowling balls?

Why NOT bowling balls!?!  Might they add challenge to the fitness?  Might they be a little weird?  Oh you betcha they will.  So we used the balls to add difficulty to our group warm up of schoolyard-era Wonderball, and to our situps.  They made us laugh and shake our heads thinking, “what are we doing?” and “this is awesome” all at the same time.  NP has a way of making us think like that.  NP also has a way of reminding us to see the possibilities rather than the challenges in everything we do.  We can look at a park and see the opportunities for running, climbing, jumping, tricep dipping, log rolling, etc. OR we can look at it for what it’s missing or how it could be a better park.  We can look at the stadium and see how freaking tall the seats are and how long the sections are and how far around it is–thinking how impossible a section or a workout or whatever would be.  OR, we can see the potential that exists because it gives us so much space to grow and develop as athletes.  And how many others we can share the space with while we seek our personal potential.  NP shows us every day what can be, rather than what can’t.  Fitness can be free.  Fitness can be fun.  Friendships can be formed while working out.  Accomplishments can be achieve in spite of the challenges.  Weather can be overcome.  Hills can be run, stadiums can be crushed, destination decks CAN be found!!


And with that, I’m inspired for the day.  If you’re not, just read this inspiring list of what else you can do with a bowling ball besides this:

  1. use it as a door stop for a revolving door
  2. paint a face on it and have a buddy when you need it
  3. plant things in the finger holes
  4. use it as a hat organizer
  5. roll out cookies
  6. giant bocce
  7. start training for 2020 #iwanttobelikemichellecarter
  8. practice shaving your head
  9. strap a leash on it and give it a name #citypet
  10. find three corks and use it as a handy flask
  11. keep it and 10 others in the back seat of your car and call yourself a November Project coleader #youknowyoureanNPcoleaderwhen…

bowling balls

Have a great day!


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One Reply to “Bowling for Fitness”

  1. It was my first Destination Deck, but my millionth times on that Library lawn. Will never look at that space the same way again. #bearcrawlbruises Tx, NP 🙂

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