Boston's Official Thanks for #BetterThanBedtime

Boston Notes: We were lucky to lock down a pimp climbing gym that is pretty hard to find in the Middle of Somerville (pretty much North Boston called Brooklyn Boulders). Now, calling this place a “climbing gym” is actually a miss. They have yoga, legit lifting, work & train stations with wireless, a beastly Tues & Thur morning rise & shine workout, and climbing walls like you’ve never seen in your life. Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville is one of the many cultural pushes here in Boston that we’re proud of. Why? Because the dudes and gals that make that place run are making this town way cooler and more badass (something we like to tell ourselves we’re doing).

BKBS somer

Let’s talk about beers… Our brew friends (Harpoon Brewery) proudly helped out brining our favorite IPA to the event. By training with us back in 2012 with a strong showing of sometimes up to 10 or more employees, Harpoon will always be the unofficial/official beer of NP Boston.


DJour Entertainment a.k.a Norah Jordan is the force that shouldn’t be messed with. Fierce and cool at the same time she somehow managed to bring even more energy to already high octane scene. If you need her for your next event just check her out and know that she’s far beyond NP approved.

DJour Ent

The two-man band called “The Big20’s” (actually these NP members and real life brothers don’t yet have a name but they do know how to jam out). Thanks to both Joey & Rocky for owning the side training room and bringing a new element to #BetterThanBedtime.

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 4.37.43 AM

A giant thanks to Brett and the kind folks who dropped off a few zillion cases of 90+ Cellars wine (so that Bojan’s wife would be happy).


It was strong, it was funny, it was far and there is no way we could have made this happen without the many names above and the many more volunteers who helped with signing in, ushering people in, and keeping an eye on the madness. Thank you again to all that made this happen!

Brogan & Bojan of November Project Boston.


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