#BostonNinjaRace @Nov_Project

#BostonNinjaRace is a night race put on by your respectfully disruptive friends at November Project. This is our first official race and will include real timing bibs done by the kind folks at RaceWire. Again, #BostonNinjaRace is a night race. #BostonNinjaRace is FREE. #BostonNinjaRace is a casual 350+ Boston runners, yogis, crossfitters, cyclists, swimmers, BJJ cats, and multisport athletes participating, no, BONDING as one, in a footrace around the Charles River during the middle of their otherwise normal January week of training. Not sure if you can keep up? You can. We know you can.

WHEN: January 23rd, 2013 at 9:15PM (START). Official bib pickup at Back Bay Social Club (Lower Level) from 6:00PM to 8:30PM. Didn’t get your confirmation email? Didn’t even know about online RSVP? All good. Plan to run it anyway… just dress the part and run this bitch bandit… or should we say bandit ninja?

WHAT: A steathy, winter, running race with a few basic obsticles thrown in for “spice.” Less than 8 miles. Start will be very stealth so please do not show up early and hang around like an idiot ninja. The good ninjas will form from thin air at 9:14PM ready to race. Bibs must be picked up in person from Back Bay Social Club (you may grab bibs for friends who are meeting you at the start line) between 6:00PM and 8:30PM. No road, river, or crosswalk crossings in this downtown/river race. “Spice” will be annouced at the starting line. Again, show up early and you’re a shitty ninja.

WEAR: NINJA THEME REQUIRED. Dull swords allowed. Snow ninjas alowed. Complaining about it being “cold” is not permitted at any time. Now is a good time to consider a, say it with me, BA-LA-CLAAAA-VA.

WHERE: Boston’s very own Charles River path & parks. We’ll post hype, nonsense, and beer related announcements via Facebook & Twitter (@Nov_Project).

WHO: November Project members and anyone else in Boston who thinks they can keep up with our #RacingFitTribe. Please continue to #GatherMoreRacers and #BuildThisCommunity. The truth is, we fuckin love everyone. Join us. Stop talking. Plan to be there. Shhhhh… stop. Read the rest of this post in silence and plan to be there. We’ve looked at your calendar and you’re not busy.

COST: $0.00 – This is a November Project event. That is what we do. We train and race for #FREE. Rain or shine. Night or day. Brookline to Roxbury and all the way to the Harpoon Brewery. Get with the times folks. #FreeFitness is taking over the world and it starts right here in Boston. 18+ to race, 21+ to post race party.

FUN: There will be a gathering after the race at Back Bay Social Club if you’d like to join us after you finish. Cash & ID required. Post race gathering is 21+ only. See if you can understand this: The after party is at Back Bay Social Club. Its featuring Harpoon IPA. Wear your ninja gear.

The light within us is seeking the light within you. Take one last breath…. And… With our hands at our heart’s sack center…. together we say…. FUCK YEAH!

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