Boston Wisco Notes

If anyone hasn’t already started their weekend, it’s still Friday you’re almost there.  We did our best to earn the LONG weekend this morning.  Here’s the recap:

  • Boston ran the Full Frontal workout this morning: Full front hills + Cross Country spice.  It was American Flag-lined zig-zag running/sprinting across the grassy hill spice, to be exact.
  • The Tribe crushed the workout.  Sprints were hard, American flair was strong.
  • Captain Canada (Elin) and Queen Canada (Oriana) not-so-subtly reminded us that it’s Canada Day today.  Yeah, maybe America should let Canada have the day…but we got excited and started celebrating July 4th a couple days early.  Sorry Canada.

and important announcements:


  • NP Summit 4.0 is still coming July 16-17 in Ontario, Canadadada.  It’s a mountainous footrace, completed by teams who work as a relay to complete an impressive 26.2 trail miles.  The North Face Endurance Challenge Series is hosting the race and it’s also a gathering of almost everyone in NP from all the Tribes.  Yup, I said ALL THE TRIBES.  Want to see them, meet them, hug them, and race with them?  #JustShowUp at Summit4.0.  You will not regret it.
  • Read this blog for more info from NP co-founders and brains behind the Summit.
  • Join this FB group for more info and tribe connection.
  • Use this spreadsheet for way more info and finding teams, travel & lodging arrangements.

Other stuff

  • It’s a holiday weekend (duh), so remember that the Tribe loves you.  We want you to have a boat load of fun all weekend long.  Celebrate everything.  And while you do it, keep yourselves and each other and all the other people safe.  Be smart, celebrating human beings.  You’ll probably meet lots of people.  Hug them, recruit them, and be kind to them.
  • MONDAY Destination Deck is at Pleasure Bay in South Boston.  Think sand, beach, sun, and culty hugs.  6:29AM July 4th.  We won’t look at you funny if you wear USA patriotic things.
  • It’s a new month, so if you drive to Harvard Stadium on Wednesdays, let’s refresh a couple of important things:
    • Park only in visitor, metered spots (not spots marked “permit”)
    • Pay for your parking spot, either by paying the meter machine and placing the receipt on your dashboard, OR by purchasing a monthly pass. Here’s the blog with instructions for getting the monthly pass.
    • Consider not driving to Harvard…walk, run, bike, carpool, or park somewhere else!


The tribe is strong.

Keep changing the world.

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