Boston to Big Sur (NPSF)

On the back of the Marathon Monday, the NP racing scene is transferring to Route 1 and the mid-Cal Shoreline for the Big Sur Marathon. As El Nino reared his head again this morning (we should be rejoicing), a small NPSF crew showed up to tackle the beautiful Vallejo Steps… but the home team was drastically outnumbered by traverballers. The #weatherproof is kicking back as we lead into the fog-laden summer months. Tribe members from New York. From Philly. From exotic Indianapolis. And holy moly damn shit, Baltimore showed the fuck up this morning. NP Baltimore coleader and French lacrosse player Nick Rod showed with his troupe of what sounded like 25 girls and guys who all happened to be called Emily. Well these lads and ladies took the SF workout by storm this morning. 10+ sets of vert-astic stairs. An ideal tapering strategy, Tribe.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.08.53 AM

VERT-TASTIC: Courtesy of Charles Scud’s Strava

Good luck to all of the NPSF and #talk30tome racers throwing down in Big Sur. Be sure to nounce good and loud at the start. Extra kudos to NYC’s J-Rod who is doing her second marathon of the week as she does the Boston to Big Sur challenge. Beastly!!


Upcoming shit going on:

Monday April 25th: We are TAGGING at the Fort Mason workout. Spread the word

Wednesday April 27th: November Project Book Launch party with BG and Bojan visiting from out of town. Location to be determined. Time to be determined. Beers to be free! This will coincide with “Christina Musso’s emmigrating back to NYC but don’t worry she’ll be back inevitably. They all do it” party.

Saturday April 30th: Paddy’s eldest brother, Seamus’, turns 39. Not sure why I included this. But it happens next week, so might aswell I suppose.

Sunday May 1st: Tribe takes over the Avenue of the Giants for the 10K, half marathon and marathon. Bring your shirts Monday if you want a tag.



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