Boston Friday Wisco Notes


The Tribe was sweaty and the air was humid, but that didn’t stop the #weatherproof human beings of Boston from racing #PRhills today.  The tribe started in speed-based waves and the racing was strong.  Who says you can’t PR when the humidity is 1000% and the temperature is almost that high?  With or without a new PR today, we kicked ass.  And then we ran through the sprinkler in Grace and Micah’s front yard.


Record your racing time & distance today: put it all in the tracker.



  • GEAR DROP: Our good friends at The North Face want each NP tribe to be able to wear sweet gear that represents their city.  At some point in the near-ish future we will drop Boston TNF t-shirts at a workout.  You won’t know when it’s coming, but if you’re at that workout, one of those t-shirts will be yours.
  • BUT FIRST, LET ME DESIGN A T-SHIRT: We want to see your ideas for the amazing visual we’ll see on those TNF shirts!!  Submit your design here, and read more info about the contest. to create the image that we’ll all be sporting on our chests.  Final deadline to submit a design is Aug 17th at 11:59pm.
  • The Chrises have both contracted Seawheeze, which is why they’re missing workouts this week.  We hope they’re able to return to NP workouts very soon…I miss them.  Thankfully the cure for Seawheeze is rumored to be intense bromance sessions.  They’ll prob’ly be ok.
  • Have a great weekend.  You earned it and Monday is coming soon. #TheTribeIsStrong


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