Booty-Tush, Recruiting Push.

You get your ass to November Project. Your booty thanks you each week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you #Rise&Shine to build community through odd #RacingFit workouts. This much we know.

The question is: Can we band together and create a recruiting push this time of year? Many of us remember back in early August when we had our enormous recruiting push. But what about December? No tan Lululemon girls, no shirtless dudes with cool shades… What about when the leaves are no longer colorful and nice to look at, but dead and stuck to your paws and butt cheeks? What about when the wind blows? What about the cold? What about dark mornings when people are plugging away on steppers, treadmills, and weight machines in the warm carpeted gyms around town? Can you break through the wall and and show up? Not only that, can you bring your recruits along with you?

This, like your , is a new challenge for you. How many new members can you get to this WEDNESDAY’s workout at Harvard Stadium? How many new people will we have trust falling into the outreached arms of the tribe? 40? Can we get 75? The recruiting is up to you. You all have people in your office, in your building, on your block, and in your life that know what you do and follow your commitments via FB, Twitter, and even some blogs. Now… GET THEM TO JOIN US. No more talking, get them to join us. This Wednesday we build a huge recruiting push that will take us through the end of 2012. Show them your #GrassrootsGear, tell them why you train with NP, and #HarvestVerbals between now and #FrogMan1 (Scaling options 40, 30, 20, 10).

Find Bojan & I when you get to the workout and introduce us to your recruit. We want to know them, hug them, and get them jazzed about what they’ve just built by simply showing up.

Nice work today on Comm Ave. Congrats to Danielle DeSiato-Hallman on earning the November Project #PositivityAward. We’ll see you and your recruits on Wednesday.

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One Reply to “Booty-Tush, Recruiting Push.”

  1. So just finished my first workout with NP and just gotta say, FUCK Yeah!

    Wouldn’t of gotten a whim of what you guys do, hadn’t it been for @AmandaAyers. I really, really appreciate her inviting me to this. The spirit that runs through Nov Proj is contagious. Coming from Cail, when the weather drops below 60, I just stop working out. I justify the fat will keep me warm. But now, time to get over it. Bring it Winter, I got the NovProj to kick my ass in gear.

    Expect me there Friday.
    Ellen 🙂

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