Nice work today. Racing in the rain is fun… once you show up to the starting line. Today was a great example of how a little rain can hold back the giant crowds EVEN on raceday. For those of you who made it we were happy to award you each one wide-mouth CUPPOW to take home and own for life. The CUPPOW/Geekhouse gents have been in the mix for some time and we were happy to get their locally made, always hip, and usually useful product to your hands and lips. These CUPPOW’s & GEEK’s are your people, your members, and one of your many local area businesses. No need to go out and buy a truck load of these toppers, just use the FREE one from today, LIKE them (FB), and listen to the rhymes they’re spitting each and every day on Twitter. CUPPOW. The lid you didn’t even know you were longing for.

We’re hoping that you guys are proudly posting your PR times on the NP FB wall today. Personally, I’ll not be on the wall today. 20:15 (today) is about 100 seconds off where I hope to be in a month. I guess I’ll just train harder at Planet Fitness until the last WEDNESDAY of June and take yet another crack at it. Also, make sure to stay tuned to the We Missed You page throughout the day – New faces coming soon. Very soon. (Hint: 2 from 88)

FRIDAY: We’ll be on Summit Ave for some “earn your weekend” work. Plan to get your shoe code card from me after the workout if you still need it. We’re not going to have the cards at every workout after this week so please make sure to seek me out and get your kicks.

MONDAY: We’ll be returning to the deck and its going to be real. Prepare for the return of #RacingArt in an all new location. For those who missed out on last fall’s episode at The MFA you’ll want to do your . The location for #RacingArt will post on Friday. Until then, hold onto your butts.



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