Bonds (YEG)

This morning felt good.

Good may not be the exact the word I am looking for…familiar…normal…home.

Whatever the right word should be I am happy I chose to #JustShowUp almost 8 years ago and I am happy I chose to again this morning. The bonds I’ve developed over the years continue to develop even now as new people choose to join in on the fun. Mornings like today, to me, give truth to the adage that bonds are formed in shared experiences. Be it the pain of our muscles working through 30mins of stairs or the laughter trying to do a somersault as an adult, the result is the same – bonds are formed. Some bonds may be stronger than others but they are bonds nonetheless and when you see that tagged shirt it holds the statement “I’ve been through this too.”

I hope as the temperatures dips our bonds become stronger together; we can make it through this winter with the support of one another, I am positive of that. At the end of the day it is just better being together.

While Lazina and I are off at MOM/summit next week you can join in on the fun virtually if you’d like! Details are here: . Obviously COVID has changed how we normally promote summit but hopefully in the future we can get back to organizing a big group to go down together!

Keep being awesome,



  • Friday 6am -Walterdale Hill
  • Next week- Lazina and I will be at November Project Summit! Make sure to show up for your babysitters as I know they would be happy to see you. Did you know that Bill turns 93 next week?!? You won’t want to miss that!
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