Bojans Will Get You Pooped (BOS)

As the old saying goes: “When life gives you goose poop, you get down and bang out some Bojans” or something along those lines. This morning as the sun was coming up, and neon shirts were congregating along the Charles River Canoe Dock, I was scouting the quality of the grass surrounding the area and evaluating the GPSF (Goose Poop per Square Foot) coefficient. Since both grass and poop parameters were satisfactory, and in line with IBF (International Bojans Federation) regulations, the workout was ready to be executed.

After 20 minutes of jumping, switching between child’s pose to bridge pose, and running between Eliot Bridge and a canoe dock we were covered in dirt, sweat (our own and our partner’s), and some goose DNA. Public Service Announcement: during summer months we will be picking more #DestinationDeck locations by the water. As those locations are usually inhabited by wildlife you can expect to get little dirtier than if you were to workout on the track or a basketball court. You’ve been warned so plan your outfits accordingly.


Happy birthday Katie and Emily! Rakel, safe travels back to Iceland and congratulations on your #PositivityFeather! And last but not least, massive thank you to our boy Drew and Charles River Canoe and Kayak for being good and generous hosts. #TribeIsStrong!

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