Bojan Talks Out of His Ass (again)

Before I talk about the workout, I’d like to this opportunity to apologize to some of you for the comments I made this morning when presenting the #PositivityAward to our good friend Dana Panepinto. In the heat of the moment when presenting something that we care so much about, I said that people that commute outside of Boston should “Shut the Fuck Up” about their commutes as our boy Dana is commuting every Monday-Wednesday-Friday from Falmouth. For those of you not familiar with Massachusetts, Falmouth is on Cape Cod (a solid 80 minute long drive without any traffic).

In my presentation, it may appear that my comments were directed at people that come to our workouts. After reviewing the video few times it certainly looked that way to me, so I’d assume that there will be at least one person sharing my sentiments. So I want to set things straight. My comment was not directed at a single person that ever came to November Project workout. For over two years I never heard anyone complaining about their commute regardless of how far/long it may be. We have people that are coming from as far as New Hampshire or Road Island and they NEVER complain. They all show up with a smile and determination on their face answering the “You good?” question the only proper way. To all of you NP commuters and travelers I want to say that I am sorry. My comment was a result of many online inquires from people that never come before because they live in far away places like Waltham, Quincy, or Arlington, just to name the few. My comment was directed at people that suggested that we should start satellite tribes in aforementioned areas so they can start attending. My comment was directed at all those same people as they wouldn’t come even if the workout was outside of their house. Then they would say it’s too cold, too hot, too [fill in the blank]. My comment, the way it was delivered was passionate but silly, so from now on I’ll leave all the announcements to BG.

Dana Panepinto, you’re the fucking man! Your generosity, kindness, and passion are amazing. We are better people as we have you, and many folks like you, as part of our tribe!


And now for something completely different. Today we started something new. #Frogman1 is all about doing 50 sections. Sometimes we start at section 37, work our way to section 13, repeat 13 and head back to 37. Sometimes we do a full tour (37 sections) and then tack on extra 13 sections just for good measure. And sometimes we just do 10 sections 5 times. This morning we did it all. We split the group into racers, newbies, and everyone else. Our racers did the classic 37-13-13-37. The newbies completed introductory 1/2 tour a.k.a. 19 sections. And everyone else, like a typewriter, covered sections 10-1, 5 times with the light jog in between. This last options was particularly useful for the folks that are working their way up to completing 50 sections as it gives them the opportunity to do a scalable version of 40 or 30 sections.

This morning was fierce. This morning was awesome! See you all on Friday!

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6 Replies to “Bojan Talks Out of His Ass (again)”

  1. I don’t think you need to apologize at all.  I commute in from Waltham for every workout.  And, I took your speech as it was intended: Stop complaining & Just show the fuck up!

  2. I commute to NP from Quincy and I didn’t think you were directing the comments at anyone at the workout.

    Honestly, commuting to Harvard from Quincy isn’t bad! 30-40 minute drive.

    I’m glad to see the tribe when I get there.

    Thanks for the birthday boom this morning!

  3. I agree with Scott & Danielle. I have perhaps the shortest commute to the Stadium, but I didn’t think there was anything wrong with what Bojan said this morning.

  4. I thank NP for making my commute shorter!

    Pre-NP me was sitting in my car 75-90 minutes from Marblehead to Boston. Now, my commute is 30 minutes to the 5:30 group. Time on the steps is waaaaaay better than time sitting in traffic. Hooray for this kind of commuting! 

  5. Thank you for the kind words….NP has made it a lot easier to get up every Monday – Wednesday – Friday! 

  6. I commute from Canton.  Roll out of bed grab the bag I made the night before and get OTR.and then I just  smile the whole way in until I see that sunrise.  Who would complain about that? ???

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