#BMORE_BMORE: Racing like the Baltimorons we are

Let me set the scene.

Two young men, covered in chalk and Grassroots gear, racing on bikes through Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The harbor is crowded with tourists, the sun is beating down and these young men are late. Late to their big day.  The sweat is pouring, the clock is quickly moving towards 3pm. Panic is setting in.  Patches, receives the call…the runners have arrived.

IMG_1034 On the other side of the harbor, the tribe is assembling. Fearless leader Sydney Van  Horn, fully clad in  Baltimore Hon/Francis Scott Key apparel (or maybe just her  grandmother’s clothing)  is greeting a squadron of new people. Where these  wonderful folk have come from, we do not know. All we know is that they are here,  ready to run, ready to drop F-bombs in front of lots of tourists, ready to receive a  sweaty hug. There is a baby in a  stroller, there are crab hats, there are Maryland flags, there are #NPDC folks, there is some strange man in Baltimore Colts Marching Band apparel…he has mutton chops.

IMG_1030 This is how the #bmore_Bmore race began. Two sweaty leaders arriving slightly late , dozens of newbies getting their first dose of November Project, hundreds of tourists unsuspectingly adopted by the tribe and one somewhat perturbed bride who had unknowingly planned her wedding on the day of Baltimore City’s biggest free race. *Note: If you are that bride, give us a call and we’ll plan the next race around your next wedding. Or even better! #justshowup!

The tribe ran close to five miles on Baltimore’s beautiful waterfront (floating Styrofoam cups and slow moving tourists aside) from Rash Field to Canton Square. No one got too lost (sorry Kelly, we should have labeled the path more clearly on your birthday), fell into the harbor or stopped for a crab cake. We capped it all with some typically random prizes, some hugs and some epic games of foosball*. Our boy Scott may have also hooked us up with cupcakes. That boy brings the sweet, fo’ real.

*For any leaders out there who want to take on DC Steve and Bmore Nick in Foosball…bring the heat because we got as much mercy as a Justin Bieber got common sense. WUT

Thank you to all those wonderfully crazy people that showed up and bounced with us,  ran with us and shared a drink with us. Our first ever #bmore_Bmore race was all about showing how much we love our city and just having a good time running with awesome people. Mission accomplished. The day could not have been more beautiful, the people more attractive, the beers colder. Well…I guess the beers could have been colder.  Please refrigerate your Heavy Seas Beer before imbibing.

For all you newbies, we can’t wait to see you on a Wednesday morning.  Wait! There is a Wednesday happening in three days. #JUSTSHOWUP. It happens every week…the bouncing, the hugging, the running, the love. We can’t wait for you to see all that goodness at 6:30 on a Wednesday.

The #Bmore_Bmore race was a huge success and we couldn’t be more excited about it…we’re still coming down from the high. Thank you to all of our supporters, Lululemon, Kind Bar, Heavy Seas Brewery, Claddagh Pub, Rev Cycle and Whole Foods. You guys rock and we love having you in our corner.


The #TribeIsStrong. Believe it. The Tribe is Growing.  The Tribe is #bmore to the core.

See you all Wednesday. #NP_BAL #NPLOVE


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