Blue Monday? Not Here! (YEG)

Back in 2005 today was determined to be “the most depressing day of the year” – Blue Monday. Supposedly, a company, Sky Travel hired a researcher to develop a formula to calculate the most depressing day of the year as a way to encourage January vacations.  Be it legit, a PR stunt, or pseudoscience, it shouldn’t really matter for those of you came and rolled the dice with NPCanada this morning.  Looking at a list of “10 things you can do to beat Blue Monday” we hit most of them when we ask you to wake up early (aka pamper yourself by gifting yourself fitness), meet new people (aka be kind to a stranger), get active, make human contact, share a laugh, give a hug and smile! It was a great way to start any Monday!!

January bridge month continued with a Vegas Vacation edition. The tribe partnered up, sprinted back and forth along the bridge deck, rolled the die at each end to determine their exercise and rolled a second time to determine the number of reps (x4). What are the odds of getting 24 chest-bump burpees the first roll? 1/36…I calculated that because there were three pairs of us doing this at the first station…we beat the odds I guess!

IMG_8092 IMG_8093

Wednesday we will be tackling those Royal Glenora Stairs…prepping for next week’s race day and WinterCities delegates. Drop your verbals here

Speaking of WinterCities…January 28, 29 and 30th – 3 consecutive days of workouts featuring these two giants

Other Important Dates: January 31st – #InappropriatelyFast #NP_Homework is due February 16th – Sunshine 6k. More information to come soon…

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