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Is it just me, or is the constable looking real fresh these days? Sometimes I feel bad that he’s out there in the cold, but then I remember that he’s one of us, and that he’s weatherproof. What does he think about when we’re not there? Let’s be honest, him and that young boy are probably having some deep conversations about where to take their dog next. Do you think they make predictions on what the weather is going to be like? I wonder who is right more often.
This is the time of the year when regular indoor fitness buffs (side note: buffs coming soon) get frustrated with the influx of people who are getting up in their grill and using their favourite indoor fitness robot at their favourite indoor fitness facility. If you know someone like that or if you know someone that’s not like that, feel free to tell them or any person next to them about that outdoor fitness group that gets better when there are more people. That’s right. We’re amazing when there is 4 of us, we’re amazinger when there is 80 of us, and we’re amazingest when there’s 9 bajillion trillion of us. #squadgoals


Speaking of goals, here’s another of my non-squad goals for 2016: I will get one of my brothers to a workout. Is it ridiculous that I have failed to recruit my own family? Yes. 2.5 years in and they haven’t shown up once. What are some of your goals?


This Week
This Friday – see you at Walterdale Hill. Please wear you best hill outfit.


Next Week
Monday January 11th: Bridge month continues at another bridge.
Friday January 15th: We will be doing a special bridge workout HERE. I know I say “You don’t want to miss this” too often, but you don’t want to miss this. I’m so excited that Jen is bringing an ambulance to be on standby in case I pass out from excitement… again… #safetythird.

Next Month
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