Black, White, Garbanzo & More, #NP_WinterKits

This morning was our coldest, weirdest, and best day yet. Worried there wouldn’t be enough PUMA training jackets to go around, we dusted off an old tradition of ours that goes back thousands of years. Each bean, either Black, White, or Garbanzo, represented a Men’s or Women’s PUMA jacket size. Beans were drawn from our traditional ziplock bag (#GrassrootsZipLockBags) at 6:30AM (the time we begin our announcements and workouts MON WED & FRI). The beans could be cashed in at the end of the workout for the PUMA gift which brought our #NP_WinterKit month to a close. Gloves, Hats, 1/4 Zips, and today’s jackets were each awarded over the last 4 weeks. Notice that the tops and jackets were all light gray and white for… you guessed it… a little future NP branding.

If you’re sad you didn’t get some gear we can only tell you to show up more, be on time, race harder, and to keep your eye out for future beans. We’re OK with racers who come early/late, do their own workout, and record what they’re up to, but the consistant, aggressive, and randomly bean’d November Project members were the ones to get paid week in and week out (and make more friends by sticking with the main group). After all, “The early on time bird gets the bean…” A huge thanks to our friends @PUMA for super-charging our anniversary month and getting even more Boston athletes interested in what we’re building during the hardest month of the year to stay in motion.

Please bring your new jackets, 1/4 zips, and whatever else to our WED & FRI sessions next week to get tagged up with our new stencils. Distributing your #NP_WinterKits kept the NP staff a little on the busy/frozen side to tag up gear and take a ton of photos. Which brings us to your…

HOMEWORK: Post your photo wearing #NP_WinterKit to our FACEBOOK wall in a yoga position of any kind. Got a bendy body like our friend Katie Lynn Murphy? Great! Show that shit OFF. Don’t have a solid practice? Don’t know ANY poses? Neither do we. Go ahead and make that shit up. If you deliver it with confidence, give it a funny fake name, and have a semi-straight face, PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. The funnier your location the better – But you already knew that. DUE: Monday by 6:30AM.

MONDAY: Your #DestinationDeck will be in the park area between Dartmouth & Clarendon on Comm Ave. You know how whack/funny/badass/plain-ol-stupid these workouts can be – well this one will be no different… or will it?

Stay warm, recruit more racers, #WeekendEarned!

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2 Replies to “Black, White, Garbanzo & More, #NP_WinterKits”

  1. ok like the past umpteen workouts i have forgot to put pen to paper did 5 hills grabbed mark shamp hat and beautiful zip up puma jacket and my overly happy mug made the blog post how freakin fun is this shit!

  2. I’m totally bummed that my hospital schedule (having to be there at 7am or when doing overnights, being there until 7am) means I can rarely make it to NP workouts. But the erg has been my friend these last few weeks when the cold air makes my chest a little tight. 2x20min and 4x8min have been key to keeping the fitness going.

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