Birthdays (YEG)

While we love surprising you at November Project we also know that a key to our strong tribe is the predictability. Each morning you can count on the Bounce, the Good Morning, the Workout, the Birthdays, the Group Picture, and the Hugs. Throw in there the energy of the tribe, high fives, smiles, burning quads, good conversation, newbies, etc and you have the perfect recipe for a kick-ass morning.

Birthdays are something each tribe member gets to celebrate. It is the one thing we formally recognize every workout. When the call goes out for birthdays and no one steps forward you can hear the collective groan from the tribe. Even though you gave it your all for that workout, I know you saved just a little bit more so you could deliver your best birthday boom.

Today was Kathy and Logan’s birthday.

At 6 AM this morning Kathy was a newbie. Kathy came with some friends who told us it was her birthday. Kathy ran the hill rocking a pink boa. Kathy hadn’t crowd surfed in over 20 years. Kathy crowd surfed on her birthday. It was time to break that drought. Kathy is no longer an NP Newbie!

At 6 AM this morning Logan brought his whole family – mom, dad, brother, grandma, auntie, & cousin puppy – to run hills. Logan told me it was his birthday and wore a crown to prove it. Logan also told me that he brought cupcakes. Remember the days when you brought cupcakes to school because it was your birthday? Those years were the best. When did it become uncool to bring cupcakes for your birthday? Logan also crowd surfed on his birthday. I am pretty certain this will not be the last time Logan crowd surfs on his birthday.

Birthdays are the one day of the year when people around you get to celebrate that you were born. Soak it up! We are grateful that each of you was born and that life has brought us together to form this amazing community. BOOM!

#justshowup 6 AM

Monday – Borden Park Playground

Until next time…SMILE! J


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