Birthday Burpees and Taking Numbers (BAL)

We followed him around, shouting for him across the field. We ran up to the crown, looked him deep in the eyes, and gave him 5 burpees. Not just any burpees. Birthday burpees. But that was only if we were lucky enough to get a ‘0’ in our ten-digits. But he loved it – every.single.birthday.burpee. Today we honored our amazing co-leader, Patrick, on his birthday.


Today we also paid homage to our West Coast sunshine tribe, three hours before they were racing their own Hollywood Bowl, and threw a workout our Baltimore tribe would never forget….or forgive….NP_LA for: the phone number workout.

photo 1

Tribesmembers cursed their unknown, randomly-drawn, phone number owner for the 75 sets of burpees, 3 sand sprints, and 5 light-pole suicides they had to do in the row due to the same digit appearing multiple times. We squinted at our sweat-drenched, ink-running paper to figure out what torture our bodies would experience next. But the tribe remained diligent: 10 numbers. 10 workouts. 1 morning of epic sweating.

Nick M. (not to be confused with every other Nick) was nominated earlier this week by a fellow tribesmember for his amazing running and driving feats at the North Face Endurance Challenge in DC this past weekend! And we couldn’t appreciate his loyalty more. So congrats to Nick for gaining some extra #positivity this week!


We also had a #traverbal from Rebecca, the legendary+infamous tribesmember and photographer from NP_SF! She accepted the #bmore_Bmore ways and even has a crab tat to prove it.

The Baltimore tribe is all sorts of proof: #weatherproof, #humidityproof, #munchkinproof, and #ageproof…and today was no exception. PHOTOS HERE

NEXT WEEK’S NEWS: Mugshots: 6:15AM Wednesday – bring your swag, your #grassgrootsgear, and your straight back. Gio is going to hit you hard black&white style.

This week’s news: we broke 50 AND we carpool together. This tribe is epic.


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