Birdman Fever

Now that our fingers are nice and toasty, I can get right into writing up this here blog post. Now today wasn’t the coldest day we’ll see this winter, nor was it the windiest. But it was below freezing so Brendan had to put on full length pants this week, and some chick name J-Fresh showed up in a duck covered onsie… simply awesome


We went straight into a pyramid workout right beneath our beloved Totem Pole, Kwanusila. Yes, that is the actual name of the totem pole, you’re welcome for that little morsel of knowledge. We started with 15 second each of flutter squats (“One! Two! HUH!”), followed by burpees (“UGH”), mountain climbers, and finally jumping jacks. Eventually we worked our way up to 1 minute each, and then moved out for workout part deux…

We gathered by the lake where there are two giant bird feeders two bird feeders. The rules were simple: sprint between each one with ten push ups upon arrival. Now what do you do at a workout that involves bird feeders? OBVIOUSLY you Birdman the shit out of everyone in attendance. This was the only way you could take a break from the joy of sprinting and doing push ups so after a certain point everyone was just Birdmanning and falling over in droves.

There was one last little event tucked away for the end of the workout: Wheelbarrows! Everyone grabbed a buddy, got up on their hands, and was off down the field. After that, we were spent from all the running, birdmanning, and general acting like yahoos. It may have been a little frigid this AM, but everybody rocked the shit out of the workout. We couldnt have asked for a better way to start the day. We love you all!



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