Billy Goats Gruff?? (MSP)

Legend has it that a troll once sat under a bridge. The troll owned said bridge, because he was the baddest dude around. But one day, three billy goats wanted to cross his bridge. And through trickery and brute force by the largest of the goats, they were able to cross, and the troll was vanquished.

But that story is Bullshit!! Because today in MSP, we had an entire tribe of trolls under a bridge, and they were too f#&%ing strong to be vanquished by a goat of any size. That’s right, Minneapolis rewrote the Fairy Tale books this morning under the Hennepin Avenue Bridge.Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.45.45 AM

It went somtin like this…

A whole tribe of trolls met at the Mill City Museum, in the dark, and talked about troll stuff. After some official intros, the tribe partnered off, and headed up river towards the Hennepin Bridge. Assignment during warmup was to explain to your partner which Disney character best represents you. Newbie Joe decided on a mix of Hercules (strongest) and Milo Thatch (maybe weakest). His running later showed to more Herculean.


Once under the bridge, we got the real workout going. The Hennepin bridge stretches over the Mississippi River, all the way to the upper banks of downtown. We nestled ourselves under the bridge at the lower bank. From there, both sides of the bridge feature a stair climb up to the street level. So our route took us up one side of stairs, around the suspension pillar, back under the bridge to the other set of stairs, and then back down to the middle. We repeated this route for 30ish minutes.


With every pass under the bridge trolls found another troll for a round of “rock paper scissors”. The winner of each round had to do pushups while the loser got to do burpees. Reps of each workout increased by two with each additional pass under the bridge. Many were up to 20+ by the end of the workout.


No troubles were had from any goats, and the only ones to cross our bridge joined in instead. Once all was said and done, we hugged it out, ran back to mill, and cloaked our #Lumberjack(TimHeisel) and #Positivity(Dana Bresenham) Award winners. The tribe is getting faster. The tribe is strong.

We are at the Mill next and every Wednesday at 6:27am. Tell your friends and Just Show Up.

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