#BiggerthantheBowl (LAX)


The Bowl is definitely over flowing with our positivity and badassery every Wednesday, but we can go beyond our usual Wednesday and Friday mornings. You have the capability to make an impact on your life and somebody else’s.

Think of it as a Bowl filled with too many cheerios to then have milk poured on top. The cheerios over flow. Or a ladle too much of hot soup. Or a friendly stoner who just wants to get his friends high. There are just somethings that are bigger than the bowl. Our tribe being one of them. So we’re setting you out on a challenge for the month of January!

Here’s how you can participate:

1. Download a free app called Charity Miles on to your smartphone. This app basically lets you choose a charity each time you set out for a run and the number of miles you run will be the equivalent to what a private donor will donate. Basically, you get fit while giving back. Pretty cool!

2. On the app search for the team “#BiggerthantheBowl”. This will allow you  to see where your miles are being donated to and to see who is ranking in the most miles. Make sure each time you set out that your miles are being logged on that team. We will only be taking into consideration the miles logged in the team name #BiggerthantheBowl.

3. When you set out on a run choose any charity and team you want it logged into (#BiggerthantheBowl). We encourage that before, during or after your runs to wear your #grassrootsgear and throwout some #np_lax love as well as using the hashtag #BiggerthantheBowl on your social media pages. Someone else might soon discover that they too can make contributions while running.

The challenge starts January 1st and ends January 31st. The Female and Male with the most miles will receive a prize package you will not want to miss out on!

Have Fun and get your ass out there!

If this isn’t inspiration enough here are some bowls overflowing with goodness.


just-a-bowl-of-puppies-26046-1310127093-1 DSC_0608 popcorn Overflowing-Bowl-of-Two-Cheese-Butternut-Squash-Mac-Cheese getty_rm_photo_of_overflowing_bowl_of_flakes_cereal

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