Big Luke? More Like Big SnooOOoze! We Missed You Mr. Luke Thomas (NPSD)

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Luke, my name is BG.

I have gotten to hang with you outside of NPSD a few times. One of those times was this weekend.

We did some day drinking. Your righthand man Jeff was there. His wife Natalie was there. We had fun. We all knew that the fun would continue and that we’d meet again at Monday’s Ocean Beach location at the gathering known as “NPSD.” We dropped verbals… yours was even written in stone (a text to my smartphone from yours). Jeff, though injured, showed up to take photographs of his fellow members in motion. Natalie, as always, showed up and did the workout in full (she fell 0 times, but you wouldn’t know). But here is the tricky part…

You didn’t show up. In a text that captured some of your remorse and embarrassment we were able to see that you fell victim to the whole “AM vs. PM” flop that left you in bed (see Luke’s text below). I however, in years of building NP as a member/leader/whatever, know that this is the same excuse that has filled the role of the modern day “My Dog Ate My Homework.”


The facts are there. You missed a workout after dropping a verbal. We had a good time without you but the truth is… it would have been just a tad better with you there. So before I send you off with a trail of party photos that are not even from this weekend (scraped from your Facebook account moments ago), I just want you to know that…


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