Today was a quick 16 minute circuit of 40 seconds ON, 20 seconds OFF, banking a grand total of 16 minutes (as always, this Monday workout started and finished with the milage to and from our respective homes). We did four different body weight motions with a few “firedrills” featuring some partner piggy-backing. The sun was up, the tribe was happy, and some sections of the field smelled like dog poop.

This Wednesday will be big… its a big ass Wednesday. Pay close attention and please hype the AM workouts (5:30 & 6:30) and the PM gathering to your people who have still not become NP members.


…will be shot at the end of the workout this Wednesday for every single person who joins us. For those of you who don’t know what this means, basically, we’ll have a professional photo dude (Dooster Film) on site shooting individual head-shots that we’ll post as a full collection to our FB page as a way to strategically put tagged names to faces, in order to better improve your Facebook stalking of one another. These posed photos will be happening in all of our 17 November Project cities as a way to show off how giant our tribes are AND how small this world is. Consider this as a funny/cool way to have a new profile photo and a full set of digital NP flashcards to study your fellow tribe member’s names. “But what about the fact that we’ll all look like we just worked out and just work up?!” Clearly this isn’t about looking ready to go out clubbing, this is about looking like your true self in the most honest I-Rule-The-World morning look that you can pull off. Dress in any weird or normal shit that you’d like (#GrassrootsGear is always a plus). Just make sure you don’t leave without your picture taken.

(featuring Q&A with Jeremy Balboni, CEO of Brooklyn Boulders)
General Assembly Boston – 51 Melcher St. Boston, MA 02210
7PM to 9PM (BG will lead the interview starting at 7:30PM, FREE BEER, FREE ADMISSION, 100 person capacity, #GrassrootsGear highly suggested, come if you can).

Last But Not Least: For those of you crazy enough to join Bojan, myself, and a few carloads of crazy roadtrippers in Ontario next month to race trail at The Endurance Challenge by North Face, let us know. We can get 25% off for relay teams of 2 or 4 (we’ll be racing the relay at 11AM on Saturday and hopefully partying somewhere fun on Saturday night). Check out the race info and reach out to us if you have questions. Though the biggest NP gathering of all time will happen in September in Madison, WI (which you’re also welcome to race with 25% off), Ontario is coming up sooner. Sign up for one, both, none, just make sure you’re racing as much as you can this summer.

See you this coming Big Ass Wednesday.


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