#BetterThanBedtime2: The NP (SF-MSN-BOS) Three-City Summer Run

WHAT: The event last summer was called “Better Than Bedtime” and this is round two. Only this time we get to play with the fun kids from the West, Central, and East Coast at the same time. Ya see, so many of our early morning workouts had caused most of us to crave sleep. Seemingly nothing could be better than bedtime, right? Well, what if you had the chance to run with all of those odd go-getters you train with at November Project in the afternoon hours? What if that group run took you across town to a very exclusive social event, where only the #GrassrootsGear on your chests could gain you access to the gathering? What if this stunt was being pulled in three cities in the United States at the exact same moment? Well then THAT my friend, would be #BetterThanBedtime2, and you’d be talking about Sunday, August 4th. Our three-city run-to-social event will have our brothers and sisters from each city in motion and later raising a glass at the exact same moments. Hold on to your smart phones folks, this shit is going to be outta’ sight.

WEAR: You must be in your #GrassrootsGear to be a part of this event! Plan to get tagged up this week so you don’t have to miss out. Details about each location are listed below:



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Meet at MIT on Mass Ave at 4:30 for a 5:00PM start. The run will be around 4 miles. You’ll want to add whatever kinds of flash, flare, glare, and Nair to your #GrassrootsGear because the best dressed male and female will walk away with new running shoes from our good friends at New Balance. There is no theme – This is your moment to shine. Keep in mind this is a 21+ event so we are asking each person to bring their ID and cash to tip the good folks who are tending bar at the mystery location. The other local heros in the mix will be the kind folks from Harpoon. OUR SPACE IS LIMITED TO 400 SO YOU’LL HAVE TO IN ORDER TO GET IN. Sorry we’re just that popular.

Because Bojan isn’t planning on shooting photos that night you’ll want to charge the crap out of your phone for the billion photos we hope you take and share via world wide web.


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We’re going to meet at Abe Lincoln’s feet at the top of Bascom Hill at 3:30PM for a 4:00PM start. Cash & ID for your beverages is a must. MSN’s #GrassrootsGear is a must. If you need a fresh tagged shirt please show up at 3:15PM to Bascom for DG to paint you somethin’ nice. The run will be right around 5K/3Miles and only your fearless leader will know where you’re heading so please don’t try and pull off a late arrival. Both best dressed male & female will have running shoe awards from New Balance. We hope that you make this week a big one for recruiting. Get them out to a Wednesday or Friday workout so that they’re really a part of the group come #BetterThanBedtime2.


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We’ll be meeting at grassy spot in front of Planet Granite on Mason street. MUST be wearing #GrassrootsGear, cash and ID to participate. Will be spraying gear day of if you show up before 1:30PM. At 2:00PM we’ll be off on our group run. This will be a 4 mile run through Chrissy Field down to Bitters, Bock, & Rye on Polk Street where we’ll eat, drink, and be merry. In order to participate in jubilation, must be wearing #GrassrootsGear and smiling. Both best dressed male & female will have running shoe awards from New Balance. Bring your people… early.

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16 Replies to “#BetterThanBedtime2: The NP (SF-MSN-BOS) Three-City Summer Run”

    1. Riding bikes is allowed but at the back of the pack to motivate and support rest of the tribe. Fallback to riding should be practiced only as a last resort.

      1. Maybe if there are enough walkers/joggers we could have a second group? I’m just worried that with the secret end location if we can’t keep up we’ll get lost en route.

  1. I reserved a spot and can’t make it. If it is sold out and there is anyone on the outside looking in who wants my spot, reach out and it is yours.

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