Bethlehem Pop-Up, Runner’s World 1/2, Rogue Undercover Event, & FREE BUS


Bethlehem, PA on Friday, 10/14

Meeting at ArtsQuest at 6:29AM

Co-Lead by John Honerkamp (NYC) and Brogan Graham (World Takeover)

Cost: $0

Bring: Workout clothing, a blank shirt for painting, positive vibes to share

John Honerkamp and I have a few things in common. For starters, we both like people. Slow people, fast people, kind people, and very kind people. We love them all. But John and I also have a few things in common as we get closer and closer to the weekend of October 14th, 2016. First, we’ll both be in Bethlehem, PA to celebrate the Runner’s World 1/2 Marathon weekend festivities. We also both are committed to running all four of the races from Friday afternoon to Sunday’s main event, but perhaps most importantly, we both plan to cause a little rowdy community fitness as we host the official Bethlehem Pop-Up Workout on Friday, October 14th at ArtsQuest at 6:29AM sharp. All ages, speeds, and sizes are welcome to this fun, legit workout that will have you on your way in 60 minutes. If you’re in Bethlehem and are interested in starting a November Project tribe, this would be the perfect chance to train with us and see what you’re getting into. We believe that this Pop-Up will be the best way to wrap the industry folks from Runner’s World, the locals from Bethlehem, potential leaders, and even a few traverbalers from other East Coast tribes, all into one spicy corndog of love & good times. But that’s not all. Below are the ways in which “Coach” John Honerkamp and I will be getting more of you to the workout, into the races, and to and from your cities.


1. List of Races
Please check out all races at To break it down all simple-like, Friday is a trail run, Saturday is a 5K & 10K (spaced out so you can do either or both), and Sunday is the 1/2 Marathon. Use code “NovemberProject” to sign up for all of them. We’re doing all of them. You’re… doing all of them too?

2. Going Rogue: Undercover Secret Event(s) by John & BG
It seems that there is a pretty good gap of time between the Pop-Up on Friday AM, the trail race/run on Friday afternoon, and the 5K/10K on Saturday morning, am I right? Well folks, John and I have already discussed hosting an underground Beer Mile on Friday night, or just a bar tour, or a flashmob… but the truth is, you’ll have to be IN Bethlehem to find out. We’ll push out the plan via Tw & IG on Friday after the NP Pop-Up so you’ll know where to gather for said secret event. Which brings up the next topic…

3. FREE BUS from NYC & Philly
A totally FREE bus from NYC or PHL to Bethlehem for the Runner’s World Half & Festival on October 16th. All race details & registration can be found on and when you register make sure you select “Half Marathon with NYC Bus” or “Half Marathon with Philadelphia Bus” for the free bus option!
And again, be sure to use code “NovemberProject” for your discounted race entry. This is a day trip bus, so if you’re interested in taking on the entire weekend of events, you’ll need to get creative with your own transportation.

4. Discount Codes for All Events:
Please use code “NovemberProject” and register for any of the runs/races by clicking here. As always, if you show up in Grassroots Gear, we’ll be able to sort you out of the crowd and hug-tackle your face off.


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  1. Is there any way you can come for a half hour? I’m a teacher and even though I live in Bethlehem I teach 45 min away so I have to head to school by 7am….I’m intrigued by the bringing the tshirt part- I’m an art teacher- can you tell me more! 

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