Best of both worlds…(YEG)

We are so lucky in Edmonton that we have 4 amazing seasons…even though at times it feels as though we have only 2…winter and summer.

Not all that long ago, back in November, we started our weekend off by running up a snowy hill and ripping back down on toboggans. As we hugged it out, sharing our body heat to ensure that no one would freeze to death, I couldn’t imagine that we could ever start the day off better…


And then we had today!! We created our summer tobogganing equivalent!

A literal #DestinationDeck…Edmonton City Hall…1 Deck of Cards, 4 Exercises – pushups, situps, step jumps and mountain climbers, and a good ‘ol run through the amazing wading pool for the firedrill.


I love the trust the tribe has in their crazy leaders…”Bring a towel…” is all we needed to say and this morning you were all game…BEST FIREDRILL EVER!! Thanks for having so much fun with us this Monday morning…Whoever says Mondays suck has never experienced November Project…if you hear it today let them know they just need to join us and their Mondays will forever be changed!

See you all Wednesday morning for our second ever day at Commonwealth! If you missed last week we can’t wait to introduce you to the stadium stairs…if you made it last week I know you can’t wait to tackle those suckers again!! Meet at GATE 2 (parking in LOT B…or even better run, cycle or LRT it there!)


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